Young Investigator's online workshop, May 10-12, 2021

Poster submission instructions

Please prepare your poster as a one-page pdf file in a format to be well displayed on a computer screen, e.g., 16:9 landscape format. In addition, you are invited to pre-record and upload a short audiovisual introduction of maximum 3 minutes length in mp4 format to provide a teaser to the key findings of your work. Please note that these files must be uploaded as soon as possible (deadline May 6, 2021) via u:cloud using the password you should have received after poster acceptance notification. Your poster and the audiovisual introduction will be available to registered workshop participants only.

Please name your Poster as "Poster_Surname_Name_NES21.pdf" and Video as "Video_Surname_Name_NES21.mp4".

Poster presentations

Vortex pinning, dynamics and fluxonic devices

Bernd Aichner, Ultradense tailored vortex pinning arrays in YBCO thin films created by He FIB irradiation

Lu Jiang, Selective triggering of magnetic flux avalanches by an edge indentation

Krsto Invanovic, Structural phase transition of the vortex lattice in bulk superconductors with low K values

Maycon Motta, Reducing the flux front penetration depth in a Nb film by cooling in an inhomogeneous out-of-plane field

Vadim Plastovets, Electronic structure of the vortices pinned by a planar defect of various transparency

Filippo Gaggioli, Effects of creep on the linear ac magnetic response in type II superconductors

Benjamin McNaughton, Formation and characteristic dynamics of vortex rows in superconducting nanostripes

David Collomb, Investigating the impact of nanoscale pinning sites in commercial 2G-HTS tapes via vortex-resolved imaging

Niclas Wennerdal, An open-source framework for mesoscopic superconductivity

Elijah Abbey, Magnetic flux avalanches in nanoscale wedge-shaped superconducting thin films

Proximity effects and spin transport in S/F hybrids

Michal Wyszynski, Skyrmion-affected vortex dynamics in a magnet-superconductor heterostructure

Remko Fermin, Superconducting triplet edge currents in a spin textured ferromagnet

Kumar Prateek, High quality RuO2 nanowires for dissipation-less spintronics

Patric Holmvall, Spontaneously broken symmetry at interfaces of d-wave superconductors and conventional SIF junctions

Kevin Seja, Charge and spin transport across mesoscopic normal metal-superconducting heterostructures

Krzysztof Szulz, Spin waves in superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures

Layered materials and interfacial superconductivity

Davi Chaves, Enhancing the weak-link response of Y123 nanowires prepared by solution blow spinning

Lan Maria Tran, Synthesis of single crystal GdFe1-xCoxAsO using salt flux technique

Michal Babij, Study of the Gd3-xCaxIr4Sn13 system in the form of single crystals

Masood Rauf Khan, Understanding the angular dependence on magnetic field of pinning activation energy in Fe(Se,Te) films

Maria D'Antuono, Nanopatterning of oxide interfaces using cold ion milling

Low-dimensional and topological superconductors

Panch Ram, In-gap states in the superconducting periodic Anderson model

Mikhail Petrov, Superconductivity and topological behaviour in gallenene

Olivér Kürtössy, Andreev molecule in parallel InAs nanowires

Gopi Nath Daptar, Superconducting Dirac point in proximetized graphene

Jiawei Yan, Broadening of the in-gap-state energies at non-zero temperatures of the superconducting quantum dot

Josephson junctions, SQUIDs and single-photon detectors

Alexander Kopasov, Geometry controlled Josephson diode based on curved proximitized nanowires

Anna Boichenko, Flux qubit as a single microwave photon counter: Exploring energy spectrum by animation

Xingchen Chen, Towards a NbRe based fast superconducting nanowire single photon detector

Glenn Martinez, Effect of He+ ion irradiation on the performance of SNSPDs